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Re: LOL....

Patch said:
PeterC said:
Just tell him not to do it. Seriously. No joke.

Catch him in the act ("set it up") and then use the appropriate negative stimulation.

Personally, I think in this circumstance, an e collar would work great. DO NOT GET A CHEAP BARK COLLAR THAT WILL DO DOUBLE DUTY.

by the way, I am not guessing here when I give this advice.

Easy problem to fix.

a lot of dogs like wood to chew on.

Just say "no". :!:

Better to spend $200 - 1000 on a good Tritronics than spending 5 grand for a new couch. Would you not agree?
I definately perform negative reinforcement when i catch him in the act.

But the problem is, he is a sneaky little critter.... he waits til i'm inside cooking, or even while i'm out of the house at work and he will go on his chewing spree! so i can't really catch him in the act all the time!

The little brat knows he's done wrong too.... when i come out and screech with shock he goes and runs under the table where i (supposedly) can't get him.....

The other day, he grabbed my roll of duct tape (when i was taping the solar lights around the tree.... yeh, i know... pretty... but i got no choice) and ran into the bushes to hide from me... i was chasing him for like 5 mins before i managed to get it off him! I swear, my neighbours must think I am a nut-case!

And don't start me on the wood..... we got a really nice wooden park bench, which is now a brittle lump of chewed up timber..... he has gnawed at all the legs, the arms, pretty much the whole thing. i've left it out for him cos really, he has destroyed the freakin thing anyways.

Oh, and clothes pegs are another favourite..... he chews on em like they're going out of fashion.... i've had to hang the peg basket on the clothes line out of reach (for now! his spring jump is getting better)....

you just cannot have a nice backyard when you own a dog.

but you gotta love 'em!
i donot mean to laugh......
but the wood thing hit home.......
we have 4 pups out back......so much for the porch swing and the deck....the hose
the trees......they have ate it all.....
and my grown male does the same.....
it is almost as if he punishes me when i am busy......
he grabs a shoe or the phone or a remote.....
and just goes into destruct mode.......
my female i broke of this with reinforcement of the whole bad girl thing ....works with her
she just wants to please me........
mack just destroys
along with his children.....lol
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