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A lady on another list I am on was telling us about this pet insurance she is on it's called VPI Pet Insurance. I've never had Pet Insurance before but I figured what the heck and enrolled. Harley doesn't have any issues at the moment but had I had this insurance they would have reimbursed me 65$ for it.



I know before the topic of pet insurance has come up and some people don't think it is worth the money. Well, I pay $29.00 a month for the Superior Plan for Meika. I got her at 8 wks old and I started the insurance when she was about 3 1/2 months old so she had no previous conditions. The first ACL surgery wasn't covered because I didn't have the insurance for a year but she just had her second one and that was.

Yesterday I received a check in the mail for $796.00, there was a $50 deductible. So, the ACL surgery cost me $50.00......... I have only paid them $408.00 for my premiums..... Is it worth it?? I definitely think so and I have submitted claims for her other vet visits and received checks.

I just wanted to share my experience with them in case new puppy owners were trying to decide on whether to get it for their dogs.

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