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Petsmart list

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stopped in there yesterday, starting to prep for my bundle of joy flying in on Friday..lol

Anyhow everything was pretty simple.. Im getting a junk load of toys to keep him busy, a brush to brush him, a small blue harness for the days I do let him walk around out front for a few minutes with just one of those leash's that pulls out from the handle, a medium life stages crate I think it was the 36' one i think.. it looked plenty big for my eb to grow up in but I dunno.. and they didnt have any plstic dog beds so we were just gonna get him one of those soft squishy ones and see how he does with it..

Anyhow sorry for the the rambling, but heres the REAL HEALTH question..

Ive read soem food threads on here but im lost still...

I saw eukanuba puppy formula, there was Iams which for some reason my fiance said she thought was supposed to be one of the best foods to feed any pet.. I think I saw some food called Royal??

Anyhow I knwo to look for real meat as ingredients but I also saw chicken meal or corn meal in some.. just wondering if someone can point to a good NUTRIOUS food for my 8 week old mini EB..

Oh and if you want to comment on my list of goodies Im buying for him or add anything please feel free too :D

sorry for the long post :shock:
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I get myn food at petsmart. I usually buy Aurthority Harvest Baked , but I found another food called Natures Recipe. I got the Chicken Rice and Barley kind. Speaking of that I need to post the ingredients in the dog food thing and see what it scores. It dont have no corn or wheat, no by products or filler and no artificail colorings. The lady that worked that said that it and Aurthority were pretty much the same.
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