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debs said:
Wow he sure does. I love seeing the snow pictures but can't imagine living ANYWHERE that snows. How do you do it?
I know the question wasn't directed at me, but I wanted to put in my $.02 worth. :)

I live north of everywhere in uppermost Wisconsin. This year we haven't had a lot of snow - 152 inches. It's not unusual to get almost twice that. We are almost always snowcovered from November - April. One little trivia tidbit is that we have had documented snowfall every month of the year. You get used to it.

I lived in Florida for a year and you couldn't drag me back. There are two seasons: too %(^#@ HOT and not quite so *@@%&* HOT. Not for me at all. :)

It looks like Guiness is having a marvelous time. :D
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