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Pics of Celeste Going Stir Crazy...

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We're snowed in! Not to mention it's been really really cold...so Celeste hasn't been out getting exercise and she's going a bit stir crazy... :shock:

She won't settle down when she's loose...poor baby! All that puppy energy and nowhere to use it up...

First she tries to do a word puzzle, but it's hard, cuz she can't read...

Then she watches the birds...but they're kinda boring...

Then she heads downstairs to see what's happening...

...apparently nothing much, because she comes right back up again...(ignore the grimy stairwell...still haven't gotten around to painting ... :oops: )

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Erica said:
Rue2 said:
This pic is tooooo funny look at her face :lol: ..

Sure hope you were going to enter this photo in the dog of the month contest looks like a winner to me
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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