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Pics of my girl <3

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fawn coffee said:
shes sweet looks a lot like chance from homeward bound
Thanks. Yeah, I get that a lot from people lol. She sure has the same personality, especially when it comes to food... :roll: :lol:
augrad said:
Awww - Abby looks great! Love the leaping pic - you can really see how agile she is. And FAST!!!
LOL, thank you.

Yes, it took me like 5 shots before I finally got a descent picture, the other ones were just like blurs. I need me a Nikon D50!!
bullmastiff05 said:
Beautiful! Love the one with her tongue rolling up to her nose! :D
Haha..thanks. I think she was looking at squirrel in that pic :lol:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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