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Pics of the healthy boy

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This is the little man on the way home from his vet visit on Tuesday.

This is my sister getting bigger.

And this is our new company mascot. What do ya think? Its just a ruff sketch to start with.

I will get some good pics of his leg soon to show some before and afters.
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What a handsome dog!!!!! And your sister is adorable.....what a little doll!!!! :)
OMG what a pitiful little mug he has! LOL He is getting so big!!!
So now that we are gonna have Sugar again whosabouta play date in SA?
That sounds awesome. The park there is pretty cool. We took Deuce before his surgery. He had a blast. Pm me sometime and let me know. He always has that sad look on his face. Its so pitiful. He gets everything with that look.
Lil man, I think not...He's a big handsome man!!! Have you posted before and after pics of the surgery? I would love to see them.
HOLY BIG DOG, What have you been feeding that boy...... :shock:
I cant get over how big he has gotten.OMG
He is adorable.What a face and he looks so pitiful.........lol

Your sister is adorable.Very cute!!!

The sketch at the bottom is great.Very nice work
I posted on his leg in the health forum. I am working on some before and after pics. I will get some up this weekend. Yeah he is a monster but he will always be momma's little boy. He weighs 65 lbs and he has stopped gaining and growing already. He will probably lose a little weight now that he is able to go for walks again. More pics soon. Thanks for the compliments. Deuce's head is gonna get bigger than it already is.
He is very handsome. Glad he is doing better.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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