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Picture of Reggae and Shadow

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Shadow and Reggae get along great together. Shadow enjoys having someone to run around with since they are both high energy, but I don't like having em around each other to much. Just to be on the safe side, but enough ramble here's the picture!

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Looks like the one is giving kisses..........lol
Cute pic and glad to hear htey get along well :D
Thanks! Yeah, Shadow loves to give kisses to people and dogs he meets. He's just a sweet ole guy :)
Sooo cute!! Love it! :D
Aw Shadow looks like he likes the new dog.
Thank you! When I let him out of the bedroom, he took off running and ducked inbetween Reggaes legs and flipped him over :lol:

I wish my danes would take to Reggae, it's so weird...They get along great with Shadow, and other fosters but with Reggae that get alittle annoyed.
How sweet!! Tora is coming to visit your house looks like a party :clown:
Send her on! 20 minutes and my dogs will have her pooped! Play hard, sleep harder! :lol:
Very cute! I love the way Reggae's ears are flipped back.
Shadow and reggae look like they could be brothers! That's cool that they get along so good!
Thanks everyone, Reggae is such a sweet lil guy. He sleeps with his head on my chest almost every night! He's full of so much love for anyone who will just be patient with him.

Reggae's ears always do that for some reason, we'll be walking and he'll prick em up and then they just stand like that :lol:

I'm glad that they do get along so well, even though we keep the interaction limited.

I must say that I have been extremely lucky with Shadow, he doesn't really pay attention to other dogs. When we let everyone out, he is more content on just laying on the couch and watching everyone else play. He sorta goes with the "flow" of things.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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