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Pit Bull photos

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This is Baby Girl. She's about a year and a half. At the time of the adpotion the shelter had given her a 'C' but I can only say that she's and 'A +' !!!
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Very pretty girl!
Welcome! What a sweetheart! :D
She's a very pretty girl. I wonder how that shelter "rates" the dogs. :-k
Cookies Mom said:
is that C for Cute? love her eyes!
Agree , She is adorable. VERY cute!!!!!
I give the shelter an F, and Baby Girl an A. :wink: ....didn't you say you had photoS?
pit bull photo replies

thank you all very much for the comments!!! :)
i think the shelter just gives every pit bull a 'C' automatically. we asked to see another 'C'utie too and they said the same thing about him. Its funny the mixed reaction you get walking around with pit bulls. we took her to my hometown and 1/2 the people (my family mainly) were skeptical, but around town people couldn't get enough of her!!

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That is a VERY HAPPY/CONTENT look on her face in that second photo. She's adorable!
She's beautiful & lucky to have found you!!! :flower:
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