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Kasco said:
Some dogs have very high prey drive and will chase and kill small animals. It's the risk you take when owning dogs.
Yup. Since moving onto our little dead end street in the country, my dogs have made a huge dent on the squirrel population around here. And they love it when the field mice are pushed into our back yard (despite the compound type fencing I've got....& I do NOT love it) from rains as they have field die chasing them down.

However, I've never seen a dog be more of a threat to small game & other various wildlife than my parents black lab. Snowflake (yes that's her name) has killed everything from squirrels, to rabbits, to MY rabbit, mice, snakes (King, Chicken, Corn, Cottonmouths aka Water Moccasins, & God only know what other varieties), frogs, lizards, birds & the list could go on. It's not a "pit bull" think & it's not a bulldog thing.....it's a dog thing.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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