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Pitbulls Killing Things

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Although, i consider myself a good animal trainer, I am at a loss for this one. My two pit mixes won't stop killing small animals that wonder in my yard. I live in Georgia with an usual amount of rattlesnakes. I am afraid that they will get a hold of one one day and die before i realize they've been biten. I started to monitor them closely when they are outside but I cannot watch them 24/7. I crate them when I can't watch them but I wish that they could play nicely outside. It's not just snakes it's anything else that comes in my yard. I've found birds, lizards, frogs, squirrels, armadillos dead. I always tell them "No!" when I catch them but it doesn't get through to them. I know how to prevent it from happening but i don't know how to stop the behavior. Will they ever be able to play freely in the yard?
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killing smaller animals

I had a Pit/Rottie mix that started killing moles in my yard. It worked for me at the time so I didn't think anything of it. Then he started killing cats and anything else that came into the yard. After that, he started killing all my poultry. My poultry are fenced in. He started to break down the fence to get to them. After many fencing repairs to the coop and putting him away in this run..he started tearing a part the run to get to the coop to tear down the coop. I was at a loss. I live out in the country and the fear of him moving onto the neighbors livestock/poultry when he was done with mine was a huge for me. Out here in rural MN, there is no animal control, other than the end of a shotgun. So-after many late nights and much soul searching...(and a blundered adoption-long story)..I came into contact with a nice lady at a no kill shelter. WE both agreed it was best if he came to her and we would work together on finding him a home away from the temptations of poultry/livestock. It was a better alternative than him lying dead or dying in some field. I could not think of a different solution. I often wonder if I did the right thing. I believe I did. Strange thing, though..my other dogs paid no attention to the poultry. In fact, my rotti would jump the fence and eat all the chicken food...but not touch the chickens. very strange...
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