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Please help...seizures???

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OK...we had another seizure, we assume, on Friday.
Sandor (human dad of ava) and Ava were home and things were all normal. She was playing as usual and nothing was out of ordinary,,,same diet (BARF diet) and no recent allergy shots or other medications. She had one dose of Benadryl on Wed night, but she has been doing amazingly well with few signs/symptoms of allergies in the last 2 months or so.
Sandor reports:
Ava was running around the house like she will do sometimes...like she is possessed or something. She will run as fast as her little legs will go from one room to the next and then she is done. She does this on occation and we all just laugh bc she is so funny and it serves absolutely no purpose.
Sandor was in the hallway getting things together bc we were going out of town. Ava stopped running and looked at him and then fell to her side and rolled to her back like she was going to scratch it on the floor...like she does when she has an itch...normal dog thing. She was kicking the closet door and Sandor turned her on her side to get her away from the door. She did not stop kicking and he noticed that this was likely a seizure. She peed and pooped on the floor; not normal. She is potty trained. He says that she seemed to follow him with her eyes when he was turning her over and her breathing was not at all labored. And within less than a minute, it was over and she was back to herself, acting as if nothing at all had happened.

Remember that afternoon, end of May or early June, that my mom called you on your cell. (Sorry!) We had just come home after all of the family being out of the house. She was very excited, as usual...especially when we are in Bham with whole family and her dog cousins. She coughed a couple of times and reared up on back legs and fell to her back. She peed on the floor while on back. Mom turned her to her side and at first she did not get up. Within a few seconds she threw up twice...the second time there was a piece of a toy that she had obviously bitten aff and swallowed.

Both times, she acted normally within a minute and there were not lasting effects. She is completely normal almost immediately and doesn't even act as if she feels bad at all.

On Friday, I called CVAC and found that you were out of town, so I called the Atlanta EM Clinic. They said that as long as she did not have another she would be fine but that we could bring her in if we'd like for labs and such. We were going to Knoxville, so we went ahead to the emergency clinic to have her checked before we got on the road.

I faxed labs to you at the office.

Her Hct was a little high...dr interpreted it as Ava being a little dehydrated. Her gums were normal and pink and moist.
They gave her subcutaneous fluids to absorb throughout the day.She was fine with no problems through the weekend.

Her ALT was also elevated, which he explained might be a "normal" abnormal finding, as other labs ore normal. He said that the ALT would have to be 4-5 times normal for him to think that there was a liver problem.

He said every doc has their own preferences, but he would not treat a dog for seizures unless they were more frequent...like at least monthly or multiple times per month. He recommended having a bile acid test (to follow up on elevated ALT) performed by neurologist, Dr. Johnson, at the GA Specialty Clinic. He said that she could be worked up by Neuro anyway, which would include a bile acid test, CSF test for inflammation, and possible a CT scan if necessary. We did go ahead and schedule for Monday with neuro, August 7th, so that we are on the books if you feel that is necesssary. He felt that dehydration and liver enzyme elevation were totally consequential findings and likely unrelated to seizure. He did suggest that both seizure incidents might have been triggered by hypersensitivity response???

This is and excerpt from email I sent to our md in Bham today. He has been out of town and I am awaiting his input. But I would love to hear from anyone with any thoughts or input! Thank you for your time.
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My cocker spaniel had epilepsy, it sounds very similar to what your dog is going through. With my dog, it seemed to happen when he was really excited. One of the worst seizures he ever had was on Thanksgiving. He was very food motivated and just got way too excited. He would lose all control over his bowels so don't be alarmed, it's very common. It will seem like she is aware of what is going on, but most likely, she is blacking out. My dog would appear to be looking at us as well. He was never put on medication because the vet told us the side effects from the drugs were often times worse than the seizures themselves. My dog only seemd to have the seizures about once or twice a year though. He lived to be 15 without any real problems from the epilepsy. I would definitly check into it though. There may be some underlying reason for Ava's seizures that needs attention. I'm sorry you're going through this, I know how terrifying it is to see your baby like that.
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