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shaunhogan said:
my mate bought a dog of some kennels in wales. i dont know the name. he went and picked it up last thursday brought it back, so far so good, but they noticed it had started vomiting blood so they took it the vets and the vets said it had parvo. :( :( :( they said it would have to be put down and it got put down today. what i am wondering is will they get their money back of the kennels or will they just be offered another dog?
r.i.p shankly
I would get my money back for sure. Parvo is HIGHLY contagious and I am willing to bet that all those pups have it. So sad. That is such a horrible way to die. Also you friend needs to bleach all the exposed area in her house. If she does get another puppy he/she can contract the disease from the house.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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