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Where does it come from??

Cato has this problem, he poos every time he goes out. He poos at 6 am, again at 830 am, then at noon, then at 330pm, then after he eats around 6 pm, then he skips a poo and just pes at 9pm, then he poos at midnight~one oclock-ish, then if we dont get up at 4, he poos in his cage.

He eats the same food, same amount as the other pups. Nutro Lamb and Rice Large Breed. And I know they are kinda young for once a day feedings, but I have cut them to once a day because they are super fat/were super fat.

Why is he pooing so much??No runs, real, solid poo.Is the food just too processed for him??I have checked into raw, and I know it is great and the benefits, but haven't gotten real information on it. Like exactly how many nutrients they need per day, or any of that. All I hear about is the BARF diet, and Id rather make/prepare the food myself, pre done is very expensive, and with the amount of dogs I have, home made sounds/seems more beneficial.

Stop the poo!!

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Orson went through a pooping phase too, not as often as your pup goes, but out of
the ordinary. I remember telling my fiance before we left for work "take orson
out for his second morning poop before we go". Seemed every time
we took him out he peed and pooped,he was like a pooping machince!
He's normal now, going only 3 times a day. He was on eukanuba, now
he's eating DVP duck...don't know if it was the food or not causing that, all
i know is i'm glad it's over! My old english sheepdog would have a pooping cycle
where she wouldn't hardly poop for weeks, then for a couple more weeks
she would just poop her little heart out!
Maybe it's overactive intestines, is that something??? I don't know?
Either just wait it out or call your vet...i chose to wait it out.
Now if he was pooping in cage, i would have been concerned too!
Good luck anyways
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