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Maybe sounds like a spite thing. I have a peke who does this. When he gets mad, he poos! Pain in the neck.

Make sure you dont have anything in there. The best way I have found to make them stop doing this is to make sure there is no blanket, newspaper, etc in the cage. This gives them reason to go on something. Until they learn, after they learn (again in his case) after that, replace bedding.Unless he does it again, then repeat!

Is the crate too big? It should be of comfortable size, just big enough to get up and turn around and lay down. Too much room also gives them reason, they think they can go potty and not have to lay in it. Smaller, they have to be too close to it.

Just a few suggestions.......try them. Good luck. Still aint cured my peke though. He is now 7yo and still to this day, does this when he gets mad! I took the boys out for a walk last night and he was so mad, he went poo on the floor. Thank GOD for tile!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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