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ambulldogpup said:
I disagree with dogs doing things out of "spite". Dogs don't do things to spite us, they are not like humans, there is always a reason for why a dog does something. I think the crate that you have is probably too big, most dogs will not poop or pee where they sleep, it's what there mother teaches them very early. Although, if your dog was taken away from his mother too early, then it could create this problem. Also, if this keeps happening, there could be something wrong with the dogs bowels and you should possibly have the vet's check it out. Taking the dog out more often and going for a long walk before putting him in the crate, will also help a lot. Remember, a dog will sleep in his crate if he's tired, so a tired dog equals a happy and good dog.
I don't know about that my grandma chawawa(sp) used to poop on her pillow if she went anywhere except for when she went to work, It was the weirdest thing
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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