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dae1122 said:
i have a 2 yr old pitbull. we had him crate trained when we first got him 3 months ago. we then started leaving him out until two weeks ago. he tore the house apart. so we started putting him in the crate again. when he was in there, he pooped every time right in his cage. we went away last week and kenneled him, and since we brought him home on sun. he has not pooped in his cage once until tonight. my boyfriend got home and he pooped in his cage again!
a bit confusing, but i really need help!
i cant clean up all this mess everytime i leave the house and come home!!!
I'm sure you've heard of putting an old t-shirt in the crate for comfort at night so your bully can sleep. Have you tried it when you are away? That might help.

I also reward my puppy with treats and lots of praise every time she gets in her crate. Try it if you haven't been doing this.

Good Luck! :p
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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