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Ok so Mason has been doing very well, but one thing I oticed is... he'll always run to back door and scratch on it when he has to go #2 but when it comes to peeing he'll most often just stop or find a spot and go.. he doesnt do it very often because we watch him but im wondering why he wont run to back door to do this as well? Any ideas?

Sometimes he's just to excited playing that I think he doesnt realize he has to go until it's release time..Anyway to get him used to letting me know ALL the time? He has the house to roam around but he never leaves my sight because I dont want him going in the house

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The way we tought Patch (who's now almost 5 months and hasn't 'gone' in the house since about 3 months) is as follows:

every 20 mins to half an hour we ask him "Go for a pee?" then we take him outside and stand there pointing to the grass until he gets the message. When he pees, we fuss him... cuddles, etc then back into the house.

We repeated this constantly until now... all we have to say is "Go for a pee?" and he walks over to the back door, we open it for him, and he goes and does his business. We still always fuss him whenever he goes.

It has gotten to the point where he tells US when he wants to go now... he will come up to us and let out a little bark.. .then walk over to the back door and that's his way of telling us.

The key is persistence... you just gotta keep asking him, and fussing him when he goes.

There are bound to be some accidents along the way... initially, Patch would just stand there looking at us, and let out a pee on the tiles, sometimes on the rug. He even pooped on the rug once... but that was cos i fell asleep on the lounge and forgot to ask him!!!!!
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