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Pregnant dog peeing in bed

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My female EB is due in about 3 days or so and for the last week she has been peeing in her whelping box. She then licks it up. She has free reign to go in and out as she pleases, for right now, but at night she will pee in her box and walk out of it and poop on the paper. I have noticed during the day she will be sleeping and sit up and pee then lap it up, then lay back down after she moves her blankets. Could this be because she is pregnant and doesn't know she's doing it for the pressure on her bladder, or just stobborness? Any suggestions how to stop it?
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It could be a combination of a few things.... Pressure on her bladder and shes leaking a bit, but licking it up because she's in her maternal stage or because she is deficient in a mineral of vitamin.

I don't think shes being stubborn, I remember being in my ninth month and not wanting to do much myself. I was lucky to get a shower a day and to feed myself. LOL
I hope she's not missing any vitamins or mineral, I have her on a pre-natal pill once a day. After she leaks or goes to the bathroom, I notice some mucous coming out also. I thought maybe it was her bag of waters leaking. I talked to the vet and he said as long as her temp is still above 98, I shouldn't worry. Also she is still eating.
Do you have a C-section scheduled for her? It's all probably because she is so close to her welping date.
Her first due date is Oct. 31, then Nov.32 &4th. I have been taking her temp 4+ times a days. Today it went down to 98.4, then about a hour later it was 99.2. I've been in touch with my vet, plus have his home number. He usually wants them in when their temps are about 98.2 or lower for at least 2 hours. She is eating fine, no panting yet, but it seems she does this while maybe she's sleeping, I don't know. She never used to wet the bed and none of my others ever did that, but it's probably cause she's close to go and there's alot of pressure on her bladder.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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