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How do I get in touch with Root ?

Go to the index and mouse onto his name. Then send him a pm when his profile comes up.
If you look at my profile where the location would go, I put this info in that spot.

For example, when I posted a question about dog houses, a number of repliers noted they don't own them, their dog is always inside. Well, were they EB owners (understand keeping those little buggers in), or Am Bulldog owners (mine, though only a pup, loves it in and out)? Since this forum is about the dogs, I'd love to know about the members dogs.

Most of us have our signature banners at the bottom of our posts which have our
dogs pictures in them. This lets you know what kind of bulldogs we have. 95% of us have
some form of bulldog, AB, APBT, Staffie, EB, OEB, French or a mix of these.

Here is a site with some EB info.
:D http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/bulldog.htm
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