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Proof a Dog Can Change

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Some of you may remember and some of you might not but Kate had some issues with new people when I got her... it became very relevant when I moved here to Rochester, into the city from the suburbs. Many more people walking out on the streets. Kate would bark and pull towards them, very embarressing, I dreaded walking her. Well I fixed that very quickly and now she barely looks at them.

Then came the worst part.... kids. She had never met a child and all of my cousins are younger then me. In Iowa, it didn't matter if she met them or not but here in Rochester I live by them all and they all come up to the moutains. At first she barked at them and was very scared of them. I worked very very hard with her. Now we have this:

Today, I was at my aunts, and this little girl was riding Kate like a horse!!! I wanted to get a picture so bad but both my phone and camera batteries were dead.
3 of my cousins, including this little girl were scared to death of Kate. Cried when I even brought up petting her... now when I bring her over, they say hi to Kate more then me!!!
If you work with a dog properly and don't put them in stupid situations, I believe most dogs can change for the better

Now here are just some other random pictures from Thanksgiving. Some may look similar but I like the different looks

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Wow, those photos are great! Good work with Kate, too! Glad to see everyone loves her.
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