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Last weekend, we went to an event called 'Bark in the Park'...they had agility, cart pulling, frisbee throwing competitions, etc. they also had tons of local dog groupos, and of course, lots of dogs :D Rocket has had limited exposure to dogs...he occasionally plays with my inlaws EB, but even that doesn't happen very often anymore, as he's 3 times her size now. I was very concerned about taking Rocket with us, due to the large number of dogs I knew would be at this event. My husband insisted it would be a good idea, to give us an idea how he is with other dogs. I have to say, I was SO impressed with Rocket!! Seriously, I was so proud while at the event...Rocket virtually ignored all the other dogs...sitting and staying when I commanded and LOVED all the attention from people. He was completely unconcerned with all the other dogs. I'm such a proud mom! :D

Now...on to my question...anyone here have any experience with 'therapy dogs'? We visited extensively with a therapy dog group at Bark in the Park and they thought Rocket would be an excellent candidate as a therapy dog. One of their main requirements is that the dog is more focused on people than dogs, which Rocket is. They also appreciated the fact that Rocket is deaf and thought that would really make him more interesting to alot of the people they visit, as many of them are children or adults with disabilities. Rockethas to pass a basic obedience class as well as get his Canine Good Citizen certificate, then he can become a therapy dog.

please let me know if you have any experience with therapy dogs...I'd love to hear the good (and the bad) before I make a decision about this :D
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