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Pullin weight

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I've read that several people here put there dogs in weight pull events. what i want to know is when is a good age to start there training. i probably wont put into any comps but just to get some more exercise, my male is extremly hyper so i know that would help take some energy out. I didn't want him to start too early cuz my cousin made his dog pull weight really early, at least alot of weight when she was young so now she walks funny. My dog is about ten and a half months born feb 22. Any advice I would be greatful
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once izzy's hips were pre-limed i started her drag weighting. she started at about 7 months with empty 1 gallon jugs(2) with some rocks in them. this gets them use to the noise of something dragging behind them but there is no weight to it. she is 11 months now and does , about, 50lbs, maybe a half mile, 3 times a week. she has yet to see a cart (mostly cuz i like the grass in my yard) but we will start that soon. drag weight is great exercise, just make sure you don't go so far that you have to drag it back ! #-o
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