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Ok, so everyone says if the pup bites stop play and ignore him. Well u also say don't crate him as punishment. How do I ignore him without him keeping up the biting if i don't put him in the crate? He doesn't understand stop yet, so what do i do?
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We also did the nose tapping.With me though it would only make him come after my hands more so I stopped that and went to the bitter apple spray.My hubby did the nose tapping and didn't have a problem.Guess it was me.......LOl
After using the bitter apple no nipping.Worked like a charm.They also say to use to fingers and grab there cheeks and yell no,That didnt work for me either but might you.Another one is Grabbing the scruff of there neck and yelling No or ouch,that didnt work for me either.............LOL , but give them a try till you find one that works :)
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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