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Just be ready for the puppy stages.
Biting is normal as the puppy goes through the teething stage.Will bite at anything.
Make sure you have plenty of chew toys such as a kong ,nyla teething rings are great and the nyla ball with the nubs is great as well,NO raw hides as they are bad for them.Buy a container of bitter apple spray ,you can spray things such as coffee table and what not to keep him from chewing on them.They can be hyper pups but aren't must puppies,just wanting to play and get into trouble.Crate training would be best for you,your house and the pup.Something to look into if you haven't used a crate before,most of us here wouldn't have a house to come home to if it wasn't for the crate......lol
I had two pits( who have since passed ) with two children under 5 and never had a problem :D They were nothing but love bugs to all of us. Training BO for me was very easy,they picked up faster then any other dog I have had.
Best of Luck to you
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