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Puppy dog eyes

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Have you ever seen such pathetic puppy dog eyes?? Remy kills me!

In case those pictures made you sad, here are some happy Remy pictures:

Can't forget about Bella!

My alarm system:
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halo said:
You sure can't say no to that face LOL Please Mommy Pleasse
Hehe. Whenever I dry my hair, he comes and sits by the bathroom door with those terribly concerned eyes and pinned back ears. I think he thinks I'm hurting myself or something...haha.
HausMommy said:
Awwww!!!! He's too much!!

Did Megan and Jimmy come over Sunday?
LOL! I always yell at him to quit looking at me like that!

Nope, they didn't come over. I tried calling them around 6:00 and got no answer.
Haha! I probably would have started posting pictures the second they left!

I really want to have a little "family reunion" with some of the other pups, too. As long as none of them are dog aggro, I think it would be a lot of fun!
cannon said:
Remy seems like such a good little guy!

Bella is looking big, what does she weigh now?
He is such a good little guy. He has a heart of gold!

Bella weighs 62 pounds. She's all head!!! :lol:
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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