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The reason is this pup was found in SC roaming the streets. The local pound had this poor baby on death row and the lady that runs a pit bull rescue(which is completely full) was dirty and brought it to my mom, and of course her heart melted.
Here is the girl with our first rescue Buddy (or Chomper).

This is the pup investigating the stray that we are letting another person that does rescue use our kennel.

I cant believe they had this puppy on death row just because it was a pit bull(maybe).. Now how to talk the madre into letting me keep the pup(she wants to keep the girl herself).
i think she is around 5 weeks, what kind of feeding should we do for this pup pup?

Oh and of course i need some ideas for names, not to weird though, haha jk
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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