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Lizzie said:
Ok this has happened maybe 3 times in the past 3 months... Jesse is almost 5 months old.

Just now, he was outside with neo, sat on the sidewalk in our back yard.... and started peeing sitting-down, as if he didn't realize it! When he realized it, he hopped up, still dribbling a little, and went over onto the grass and finished up.

Another time, during a boring portion of puppy class when the trainer was just talking, he was laying down all spread-eagled as bullies do. The kid next to me pointed at him and I thought he was just pointing out how cute he was, but then I noticed a puddle forming! :shock: He was laying down and it was as if pee was just coming out and he didn't know it!

Is this a behavior issue or a health issue? It doesn't happen often, like I said, maybe 3 times in 3 months. It seems as if he doesn't even KNOW he is peeing! Is he just distracted/tired and not in complete control of his bladder yet?

He sleeps through the night with no problems, and is otherwise 90% housebroken.
Have you spoken to your vet and ruled out a urinary tract infection? He may just have a juveneille bladder and will develop tone as he gets older.

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