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Quasi-Wobblers Help

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It seems that my dog's symptoms point towards a wobblers type of situation, although he hasn't been formally diagnosed yet (further investigation will reveal the reality here).
...looks like the "puppy clumsiness" that he hasn't outgrown is really signs of neurological stress at some level.
Regardless of the outcome of the tests, I'm extremely curious about preserving the health of his nervous system.
Has anyone here had experience with this sort of thing?
Any ideas about preserving/improving the integrity of a dog's spinal cord and nervous system?
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After reading your post , I did an internet check and found this site. You may have already seen it, but in the article was this section on immediate care. Your dog needs to go to the vet asap and the determination on what course to take needs to be decided now with your vet. The longer you wait, the more permanent damage that can be caused.

web site:


Immediate Care:

Dogs with slowly progressive signs of Wobblers Syndrome often respond well to a combination of cage rest and corticosteroid therapy. I usually apply a neck brace as well to provide some stabilization of the neck and at the same time some traction as well. This is only if the syndrome is caught in the early stages. Remember that the above will only alleviate the effects of compression of the cord and does not and will not correct the vertebral
and ligamentous changes. The IMMEDIATE thing to do is to reduce the protein level of the diet. A protein level not to exceed 22-24% should be fed. Any and all mineral supplements should be discontinued. All food and water must be elevated to further reduce neck tension. Ball playing or any action where the head is dipped down to snatch up an object is to be eliminated. A very concerted effort to restrain this dog from exercise is to be instituted as this can easily yield an increase in the likelihood of vertebral subluxation or further damage to the spinal cord. It is a known fact that signs of joint instabilities are less severe in animals kept in a sedentary environment than those allowed unrestricted exercise. Hopefully if this is discovered early and the diet is changed while the bones are still forming and little recurrence of cord trauma occurs, the remaining formation of bone will be normal and the condition can stabilize itself to the point that surgery will not be needed. Surgery for the slowly progressive form of cervical spondylopathy may not be as rewarding as with the acute form, if it is discovered late since the damage to the spinal cord may be permanent. It may however, prevent further damage to the cord.
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Re: Gazar

CGraney said:

Thank you!
This was the type of help/info I was asking for.
We have visited a few vets - with various areas of specialty - this began in April.
We were asked to wait - although he was demonstrating neurological symptoms of some type, the original plan was to come back for reassessment after a period of time to make sure it wasn't merely a clumsy dog. We would only come back sooner if his symtoms appeared worse.
One reason that some vets had not considered wobblers a great possibility initially was because it usually affects danes and dobermans, not bulldogs - so they thought it was less likely.
Now with time that passed, and symptoms that remain - this is more than just puppy clumsiness, so we take the next step towards investigation at a deeper level.

His x-rays are tomorrow and that will answer a few questions, but my thought is still the same:
Regardless of outcome (wobblers/something else/nothing at all), I'm still interested in the improvement of his nervous system and structural health.

Your welcome - Hope all goes well at the vets - have my fingers crossed. Don't be too upset with "our Jackie", he has an "Everglades" sense of humor and really is a sweet person.
Re: don't worry about it, I deserved it

CGraney said:
Jackie said:
my reply was kind of stupid. And now it's time for a song...

I'm a looooooser.
I'm a looooooser.
And I'm not what I appear to be...

deep in the glades,

P.S. but thanks to the girls for being pals, love ya!!!
We say that a lot too. This is Jackie's apology to you. :wink: :D
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