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Quasi-Wobblers Help

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It seems that my dog's symptoms point towards a wobblers type of situation, although he hasn't been formally diagnosed yet (further investigation will reveal the reality here).
...looks like the "puppy clumsiness" that he hasn't outgrown is really signs of neurological stress at some level.
Regardless of the outcome of the tests, I'm extremely curious about preserving the health of his nervous system.
Has anyone here had experience with this sort of thing?
Any ideas about preserving/improving the integrity of a dog's spinal cord and nervous system?
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You sound like my wife, over diagnosing. Give that doggy a little more time. TLC, fresh, cool water, and some good dog food. Don't forget the walks and some yummy treats! One more thing, a nice clean, quiet place to sleep.

Wha's a matter wi you? I have a puppy too. They're all knuckleheads!

jackie, I'm a knucklehead toooooooooo
don't worry about it, I deserved it

my reply was kind of stupid. And now it's time for a song...

I'm a looooooser.
I'm a looooooser.
And I'm not what I appear to be...

deep in the glades,

P.S. but thanks to the girls for being pals, love ya!!!
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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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