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Quasi-Wobblers Help

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It seems that my dog's symptoms point towards a wobblers type of situation, although he hasn't been formally diagnosed yet (further investigation will reveal the reality here).
...looks like the "puppy clumsiness" that he hasn't outgrown is really signs of neurological stress at some level.
Regardless of the outcome of the tests, I'm extremely curious about preserving the health of his nervous system.
Has anyone here had experience with this sort of thing?
Any ideas about preserving/improving the integrity of a dog's spinal cord and nervous system?
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Jackie -
Overdiagnosis: over•di•ag•no•sis
Pronunciation: -"dI-ig-'nO-s&s, -&g-
Function: noun : the diagnosis of a condition or disease more often than it is actually present

In the future I suggest two things:
1. Do not use words you don't understand. Perhaps you meant misdiagnosed, or inappropriately diagnosed... I have not and my vets have not "overdiagnosed" this dog. If you go back and read you will note that NO FORMAL DIAGNOSIS HAS BEEN MADE... How can one overdo something that doesn't exist?

2. Actually READ what is written before responding. I did not ask if someone would please console me, or critique my thought process - I asked if anyone had information on a very specific situation, and if there was info regarding the preservation of the nervous system. This not a situation that TLC, treats, and your poor advice will help. I was asking for REAL help.
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My dog is 15 monthsold, and if he DOES continue to grow (including his neck bones) it is VERY possible that his spinal cord impingement may go away...
I do not believe that he is full grown so there is hope there at a structural level, but by the time (and if) his spinal bones get larger and no longer press on the spinal cord, its still possible that any damage to the cord created NOW could remain even after the impingement is gone... that's the sort of stuff I was asking about... if anyone knew how to preserve the health of the cord to reduce the chances of long term symptoms.
It's kind of funny that you said clearing trauma was all we can do... The trauma to the cord is what we have the least control over...
i realize the structural components are a genetic thing; but nutrition, exercise specificity (including inactivity), naturo and homeopathic modalities are all factors that can influence outcome... those were the types of things I was asking for.
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Thank you!
This was the type of help/info I was asking for.
We have visited a few vets - with various areas of specialty - this began in April.
We were asked to wait - although he was demonstrating neurological symptoms of some type, the original plan was to come back for reassessment after a period of time to make sure it wasn't merely a clumsy dog. We would only come back sooner if his symtoms appeared worse.
One reason that some vets had not considered wobblers a great possibility initially was because it usually affects danes and dobermans, not bulldogs - so they thought it was less likely.
Now with time that passed, and symptoms that remain - this is more than just puppy clumsiness, so we take the next step towards investigation at a deeper level.

His x-rays are tomorrow and that will answer a few questions, but my thought is still the same:
Regardless of outcome (wobblers/something else/nothing at all), I'm still interested in the improvement of his nervous system and structural health.
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Oh jeeze I think I made a mess here...

Jackie, I apologize for my comments if they offended you.
I can appreciate a wacky sense of humor (if thats what 'everglades' humor means), but I guess I missed the light feel of the message and only saw the criticism.
I would like to retract anything in that message that might have been rude/inappropriate.
Here let the men in black guys flash that thing and wipe out your memory of my message. :glasses4: :glasses5:

Angie, thank you. I will remember your advice for future postings and be sure to include info that lets people know that I'm not just crazy.

I realize this way of communicating can often be a source of confusion and misunderstanding.
I am responsible for what I write and say, but I sure can't take responsibility for your misinterpretation of it.
I never said my dog was still a pup - I said he never outgrew his puppy clumsiness.
If I said "I still have some baby fat", that doesn't mean I must be a baby.

Thank you for your concern.
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Re: don't worry about it, I deserved it

Jackie said:
my reply was kind of stupid. And now it's time for a song...

I'm a looooooser.
I'm a looooooser.
And I'm not what I appear to be...

deep in the glades,

P.S. but thanks to the girls for being pals, love ya!!!
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