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Hi guys,

I was hoping someone might know something about this. My 21 month old female pit bull has a very strong twitch in her right thigh muscle while at rest. It's not the normal twitching they go through as they fall asleep or dream. It's an isolated twitch just in the right thigh. When she straightens out her leg while waking up it's very pronounced, to the point her foot at one point look as though it was sort of bumping up and down. If I bend her leg inward and massage it, it gets better. If she gets up for a drink of water or something at this time, she walks with her leg sort of swinging very slightly out to the side or like it's moving in a circular motion rather than straight forward. This will only last for a few steps then it all sort of straightens out. This is also something that happens very often, most of the time only while she's at rest. It's not an isolated incident.

I'm changing her diet right now. That's the first plan I worked out the with the vet tech. If this doesnt' work I will take her in. She just had a full check up with shots etc.

I've been giving her perscription diet canine i/d. The vet tech felt that that was a temporary diet and she might need something with more calcium etc.

Just thought I'd see if anyone here might know anything. Gees. She's just really my baby I guess. I know poeple who probably would never notice a twitch in their dogs leg!

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