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Question about aggression!

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I have an american bulldog, he was the alpha male out of the litter and I enter him in ring sport competitions. He is Socialized and does well around strangers unless giving a command, but at night time he goes into guard duty. I can not explain it but its like someone flipped the switch, he will not let anyone except our family in the house! I can live with that but what bothers me is he will sleep in our childrens room at night and if me or my wife walk in there in the middle of the night he will come flying of the bed growling and snapping until he realizes who it is but even then he will continue to growl for another 2 or 3 minutes until he finaly calms down. We have begun to call his name before we enter the room and then he knows it is one of us, but even then he will lay right by the kids and growl at us for a few minutes! I have talked to the breeder and he says its the american bulldog nature to be protective at night as they was often used as farm dogs and I have also talked with my trainer who said he has seen alpha males guard shoes and laundry from a wife when the man was gone but never anything like this. So his advice was to not let the dog sleep in the kids room anymore. Well we tried that and he becomes destructive, he will chew through a door to get back to the kids, if we chain him up he will bark untill morning and nobody sleeps! we are reaching for the stars now, sorry for going on but I need some answers and suggestions, should we just stay out of HIS KIDS ROOM AT NIGHT...LOL? Do you think this is a anxiety problem? An aggression problem? Is it something we should have to worry about? He has never bit one of us but has come real close a few times until he realizes who it is!
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Wow, sounds like you've got your hands full! I really don't know what to say but maybe you should crate train him so that nobody gets hurt. Maybe the crate could be in the kids room. I really have no experience with this knd of thing but I would just be worried about the safety of your family.
We have tried a cage and nobody will get anysleep, he will bark all night untill we let him out so he can go sleep with his kids...lol!

I was almost thinking about getting one of those shocker collars the is bark activated and put him in the crate wearing that at night but I dont know how efective it woud be and I dont want to wast my money.
I would like to hear what Lisa thinks about this cause I was reading your other post and you said that you do "sport protection competitions" with him. I wonder if he does not know when to turn it off? She does similar stuff with her dogs and might be able to help you out with this problem you are having. Do you have any problems with him listening or being dominant during the day??
What you have is a problem most AB owners have as this is a common trait of AB's to be more protective at night & other than more OB training which will not help greatly all i would say is if you cant crate him just close the kids doors at night "just to be safe" other than that sounds like you have a great dog there...

What do you work him in????
He is not agressive in the day, he was always well socialized, but like I said come night time its just like someone flipped the switch there is no other way to describe it, nobody is comming in the house and we have to be real cautious when entering the kids room. If I shut the kids door at night he will chew a hole through it to get at them, I am not joking he already has done it to the kitchen door.
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