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Question about dog collar and leash.

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When i take my puppy pit on a walk she does fine, But there are the times she will start to pull forward with the lead and as soon as i tug the leash a couple times she will stop, But... I think im hurting her neck also by doing this and i would just like to know what a proper collar and leash would be to buy for my puppy pit.

I've watched the dog whisperer and it seems when he does it, that its really simple and easy to put the leash behind their ears, When i try this method on my pit it just slides right down to the bottom of her neck and seems pointless, I don't want to put it on tight because im affraid that it might hurt her when i tug or jerk to correct her.

If anyone can help or offer some tips on this situation then please please go ahead! lol
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I don't agree with most of his methods.. he uses a choke collar which I think can harm a pulling dog.
The simplest method of leash training your puppy is the stop go method (though it takes patience).

You pretty much allow your dog to get to the end of the leash and then you stop.
This (eventually) teaches the dog that if they want to walk they must walk at your speed.
Most people also add a rapid change of direction, which forces the pup to concentrate on you.

The bad thing is that a simple walk with take longer, as you will probably have to stop every couple feet
and wait for the leash to be slack again. The worse you can do is use a flexi leash, that rewards him with
more leash when he pulls. I would also do basic obidience during the walk (after he learns some). Like have
him sit at random times, and have him stay while you take a couple steps ahead of him.

I also taught my girls to stay when we get to the curb and also proceed to walk across the street when I say "cross".
That prevents them from rushing into the street, where they can get hit by a car that comes close to the curb.

The walk should not only exercise their bodies, but also their minds.
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My boy was good with everything except walking nicely on a leash. So I used a regular collar and a 6 ft. leash. I attached the leash to his collar and take him to the door and give him a treat. I hold treats in my hand(not the one holding the leash) the hand holding the treats should be at your stomach. This should have your dog looking up. Try walking, stopping,left and right turns. Everytime your dog is doing a good job walking at your speed and stopping. Give a treat and praise.
I don't agree with most of his methods.. he uses a choke collar which I think can harm a pulling dog.
No he doesn't. He uses whatever collar the owner uses for their dogs. If it's a choker, then he uses that, prong, flat, whatever they normally walk their dog with.

He advocated the Illusion collar, whick is more like a flat collar but it stays up high on the neck.
Try useing a harness i switched from the collar cause Peanut would pull so hard i allmost didn't wanna take him for walks now he listen's very well unless he see'e a cat like monday he got as running start and tried to take off the got to the end of his leash and BAM there went my lower back and now im off work with a pulled lower back :evil:
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