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As was stated in the other thread... It sounds like he is trying to be the Alfa male.

Now I'm no dog trainer but you have to let your dog know you mean business. No you don't abuse him, but for things like that, growling, barking, playfully bighting etc I always said "BE NICE" in a powerful tone standing over him and if he persisted I'd Use a pointing no no gesture with my hand.

Not knowing how your dog will react to you showing dominance, I don't know what to suggest to you. I'm sure there are threads here on this type of behavior and how to overcome this.

Like I said though... I'm no trainer. I work with my dog daily teaching him right from wrong and showing dominance over him. He does very well with this and responds to most commands unless distracted as most puppies get at times in which case I demand his attention.

Being that he is 11 months old he is still a "puppy" or "teanager" and I'm pretty sure this is the crucial time in training him.

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