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Question dealing with seizures and depression

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Hello Im new to these forums. I have a beautiful American Bulldog who has recently been have violent seizures. She has been on meds for a few days now and the seizures have not returned. The main problem atm is that the meds are making her depressed.

I was wondering would anohter dog up her mood? She loves to be around My husband and I but we both have to work and can not be with her at all times. When we leave or my husband leaves the house Dutchess will go into what seems like an anxiety attack. Her breathing gets fast and heavy and her crying is non stop till she wears herself out or untill my husband returns home.

Im starting to think that she hates to be alone and maybe a new companion will help her out when she feels lonely.
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My sister had a dog that had seizers his whole life.They put him on meds and all was good for awhile and then it would start back up then they would change the meds and all would be good again and then it would start up again and this went on for 5-6 years.I can say that it is( from her experience) not good to have another dog around while one is having seizers.It can cause a huge problem.Even though things are under control right now it doesn't mean that it will stay that way.If you do get another dog, crate at least one of them while you are at work or not at home to avoid any issues.
What happens is when the one dog has a seizer the other one sees this and doesn't understand what is happening.It Could go up to the one having the seizer and get hurt or the dog gets scared at what it is seeing and could attack the one that's having the seizer and as you know they have no way to defend themselves while that is going on.
This is just from what I have experienced with my sisters dog.I am sure you will find more answers from others on here and it may work out for you with two dogs but that wasn't the case with my sister.Best of luck with you and your dog.I hope the seizers stay under control.
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Change the meds.....

I just spoke to my sister about your story and she said that the meds shouldnt be making the dog depressed.she said to let your vet know and they can try a different medication,one that wont have these side effects.She said if you notice depression or him being lethargic then the meds are not working and you need to try another type.Just wanted to let you know.
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