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Question for PeterC

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In the bark collar thread you said to use a regular shock collar to deter barking, but only if you weren't planning on using the shock collar in the future for something else. Why is that? Just curious as to the reasoning behind that?
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I use an ecollar as a form of correction with no side effects. In fact, it is the only thing my dog responds to. I can prong him until the cows come home when he is in drive and he doesn't even feel it. That's just the way he is and I have no other choice. My female on the other hand responds great to a prong so I would probably use Peter's theory with her. I may end up using it for a few exercises to pick up her speed. For example the sit and down in motion it works excellent for! I really had good results getting a quick sit and down with Rosco using the ecollar. I think all dogs are different and require different types of training. I would love to be able to train a dog without the hassle of using an ecollar but unfortuantely without it I would be screwed with Rosco. Of course I need to get him working without it eventually, but the same can be said for people who train with prong collars as well. Its a training tool and just like all others need to be approached with common sense and fairness.
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