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mjh68 said:
I keep researching AB's while I search for prospective breeders and I am curious about a few things . I have read that you can't score a dog's hips till 24 months of age ? So my question is this , Why would some breeders only offer a 1 yr guarantee on their puppies instead of the 2 yr guarantee I have found from some breeders ? Sorry if this is the wrong forum , I am new here and wasn't sure where to place this .


yup, that is exactly it. you can not certify hips until a dog is two years old so if a breeder will not cover a pup until they are, at least, that old i would not consider them. there are things that are just as important as hips to consider as well tho, please don't think that just because a breeder is screening hips that they are being responsible.
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