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question on Housebreaking

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My Loki is now 12 wks old and I crate him at night , and recently fenced off the yard so during the day he can play out there while I am sleeping or making supper . My son still watches him during the day so he isn't out there more than 2 hours at any one time .
He does well 90% of the time , but he still has had an accident every 2 -3 days . He seems to go to a rug or my son's room which has carpet so I am wondering if he is confusing carpet with grass ? Yet , once he squatted right in front of the t.v. on the hardwood floor so I am wondering how best to approach it .

When I have caught him , I just tell him no and take him outside . If he has already finished I just take him outside and clean up the mess . I suppose its normal for accidents , but I sometimes feel he really hasn't grasped the concept of going outside solely. He seems to be holding it , but I just don't really see him give cues. Mostly what I have been doing is when I know he has recently eaten , drank or woke up I take him outside immediately and tell him to go potty . I then wait till I visually see him go before I let him back into the house .

I think part of the trouble has been when he has been outside for a bit and noone is sure when he has gone last , so maybe I have just answered my own question as I was thinking about it . I need to make sure he goes again before I let him inside the house or immediately crate him . Does that sound about right ?
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Thanks Leann , my other dog was already 15 wks old by the time I adopted him so I am treading unknown waters with a young pup :)
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