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what is the best way to go about finding a bitch to breed my american pitbull terrier with? what kind of things do I need to know/do? should I just put a ad in the newspaper? My dog has papers and is a purple ribbon champ, I don't want to stud him out to just anyone, he is a good looking dog and and a very good temperment. I paid $1700 for him when he was a pup, I'm sure that his puppies will go for that much or higher. Any information and feedback you have will be greatly appreciated and helpful.


I tried to post a pic but something is wrong. I will try to post again later.
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CowBella said:
My suggestion is NOT to put an ad in the paper, but to advertise his availability in your local breed club. Demand the same qualifications in the b-witch as you have in your male, and produce like puppies. Contact the breeder you got him from, see if they have a b-witch they would like to breed to him, or any other b-witch that they have produced.

Get all his health testing done, and campaign him in Bloodlines and with the breed clubs if you are seriously wanting to breed him.
Would be great if everyone would just supply answers like this one. :idea: :idea: :idea:
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