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Last Friday, my long term girlfriend got me a Boston Bull Terrier and I have a few issues and questions that I'd like some help on.

This will be a little long winded, but I want to present all the information to hopefully get the best advice.

Like I stated we got this dog last Friday from my long time GF's sister and husband. They have owned this dog since he was 3 months old, and has lived in an envoirnment with two full grown children and two other dogs. The BBT has always had behavior problems in my opinion ever since I have been around him. He had free roam of the house and was always dominant acting with the other two dogs. He had gotten to the point to where he destroyed everything in sight and did what he wanted, and they couldn't handle him anymore, so they offered him to us. We took him with open arms.

He now lives in an apartment with us, and we are working on training him to go to the door to do his "business". I have kept him on a pretty rigid schedule on going out. First thing in the morning when he gets up, and then again before we leave to go to work. Again when I get home, and numerous times thru the evening, and again before he goes to bed. He has done great with that, and hasn't messed in the house. Of course plenty of treats and lavish praise I think helps.

Issue # 1: Before he came to us, when his "parents" were at work, they would leave him in a crate all day until they came home. That would be almost 10 hours in the crate. I know the books say the maximum exposure should be 6 hours but he seems to do real well with the crate. Our work schedule leaves us away from him for almost the same length of times and sometimes longer. We have been fortunate that we can go home at lunch and let him out for a little while. We might not always get that lucky to be able to do that and it worries me.

So far no messes in the crate. Is it wrong to leave him in there so long or will it have an adverse affect on him? He seems overly excited when we get home in the evenings, even though we make our appearance seem like no big deal to him.

I have crate trained numerous dogs over the years, but have never had one exposed to being in the crate for extended periods of time. Of course he is given plenty to keep busy by way of toys and treats.

Issue # 2: I have started teaching him to walk on a leash, which he has never done before. He always wants to walk in front of me and pull me along. I need to break him of this habit really soon. Any suggestions? I have even shortened up the leash so that he is forced to walk behind me, and stop his walks and start off in front him. Still doesn't help.

I think alot of that is a result of his having control over the other dogs.

All in all he seems to have adjusted rather well, and is taking in to training with sitting and the others pretty well. He gets plenty of attention which he enjoys, and I am working on the destruction of stuff that is not his, by instilling him to what is his to play with and what is not. The tug toy seems to work best.

He is now getting feed once daily instead of free-feeding like he was used to and he seems to do well with that also.

The crate thing concerns me the most. Especially after hearing him whine when we were leaving this morning, which he has never really done.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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My two are in their crates when I am at work. I try to get home for lunch, but it isn't possible everyday. Mine are in their crates for about 8 hours, if they are left all day. I know how this bothers you, it bothers me too. He will be fine though.

As for the walking on a leash. Get lots of treats and teach him how to heal, don't just pull on him, that won't get you anywhere. Teach him how to pay attention to you, if he is paying attention to you he won't pull.

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if the crate thing bothers you both so mutch get a dog walker me i am lucky i can come and go all day every day so the dogs arnt in there crate for more than 4 -5 hours at a time witch is mostly spent sleeping anyway but from what a friend told me a walker is only like 20 30 a week id look it to it anything over 7-8 hours is a little mutch IMHO! :wink:
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