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Quick help please - lil worried now

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Has anyone ever ate oxtail before?

Well my friend had it last night and I guess there are bones in it. About the size of quarters at the biggest. Well when he left I told him just to leave the plate on the table.

When I went to bed I forgot to clean it up and Kate at it all. Do you think those bones are small enough to pass or should I give her hydrogen?

I feel like the worst person in the world. This is 100% my fault
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Kate said:
well kate passed some of the bone yesterday and it was very tough for her. and those were the small ones. the others ones are very thick, i dunno if they can fit through her,.... ya know.... hole... lol dirty but it is true. will her body be able to break them down at all?

I do not think the body will break them down. Ox tail bones are round little disk bones.
I would definately give her some oil to help them slide through. She could have a problem
passing them whole, it just depends which way they are laying at the time of the passage.
She may strain and/or she could bleed some. You do want to keep a watch on her. The
good thing is that muscle stretches quite a bit. I have seen stuff I never thought could
get thrugh, get through. But do give her some oil to help her.
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