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Quick question on health risks?

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I have read several different things in regards to walking your pup, and at what age most people walk them and so on... My question is, is it bad to have my pup around alot of other people when he is still very young (8 weeks) Id rather know now, because obviously I got some family that would want to see him but not sure if it's good for his health to be bringing him around to different places... I read that typically your not supposed to walk your pup or take anywhere really until all their shots are done and the vet ok's it..

Anyone seem to think different?? I was also partly wanting to take him to Petsmart once he gets settled in to pick his own toys and just quite frankly get out and about with our new addition but IN NO WAY at his health exspense..
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I got my 2 at 8 weeks family should be ok. but interactions with other pups i would wait untill at least he has had the second round of shots. I took mine to petsmart but not untill they had all their shots You never know what other dogs have or leave behind there.
So better safe than sorry.
this is true!

I will probably hold of on petsmart until he has all of hhis shots which I believe isnt until the 14 week mark right?

I wont have him around a WHOLE LOT of family at first just I got some people that want toc ome over and see him when he arrives..lol
Thay should be find

Family should be fine. and mine where done around 14 weks so I'd say thats right you should socialize them so having friends and family over is a good thing just becare ful around other animals
As soon as I got my pups they saw ALOT of people, the more the better. I wouldn't take them around dogs I didn't know, until they had their shots, but I wouldn't hesitate about people.

As for walking, don't push it. For a pup that young it might only be 10 minutes at first. :D
Ya I realize the pup may not walk at first, I mean im not gonna constantly force himt o walk, I might take him on my front porch and let him examine everything and do that a few times a week to let him get comfortable of his surroundings but I wont be doing any serious walking for awhile until he gets older, sides he probably wont want to walk much anyhow 8)
my vet told me to think of it as a baby, would you really want your baby exposed to all the possible germs and virus' floating around?

i was bitter cuz i wanted to take her everywhere, but i had to wait until she had all her shots.... i figured if i spent this amount of $$$ on her, i'd rather be safe than selfish!

wait for all his shots please....
Im going too. I may have some family over, because quite frankly everyone usually comes over my house anyways because I just bought it and its new to some people, but he wont be in contact with any other dogs for sure!!

Im gonna be soo protective I can already sense it... lol
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