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Rainey's Ginormous Puppy

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Well, Rainey (the little Beagle that we found in SC) finally had her puppy (Ayiana) at 4:30 yesterday morning by caeserian. She had only one puppy and it is gigantic. Rainey's x-rays showed that her cervix was 3.2 cm and the puppy's head was 4.1 cm. Ayiana was 1lb and 4.5 inches long (nose to base of tail) at birth. Poor Rainey is only 10 inches tall and 17lbs.

There were three other dogs running the area that we found her in: a yellow lab, a husky mix, and a brindle pitbull type. I am certain that the pit is Ayiana's father. I guess that makes her a Piggle. :lol:

My parents already claimed her, and boy are they in for it. The little brat already climbed out the 5 inch high welping box today.
Here are a couple of pictures of her from today (1 day old).

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Tinkerbell said:
Man that puppies got a big nose! :shock: She's a cutie though. How's the little Momma doing?

Rainey is doing good, but she is a fanatic about her puppy. I am worried about when Ayiana goes to live with my parents, I hope Rainey doesn't freak out. She literally flips out when you take the baby away. She starts making this screaming/baying noise, and chews at her crate trying to escape. Is it normal for the mom to be this worried about the puppy? Maybe it's worse because she only had the one. She won't leave the welping crate for anything. I have to feed her and water her in there. The only way she will go outside, is if I steal Ayiana and take her outside. Rainey will follow anywhere I take her.

I just remember what I wanted to ask to the breeders or people with puppy experience. Ayiana's (the puppy) feces looks like mustard. I know that is gross, but it is bright yellow and has the same consistancy. I called the vet today and asked him, he didn't really seem concerned. But he didn't really have an answer about it either. Is this normal????? Or okay????? Or should I freak out?????
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Thanks for the info.

I am glad my parents are taking her, that way I can watch her grow. I am over at my parents a couple times a week, so it will be almost like I didn't have to give her away. My husband wants to keep her, but I refuse to. Eight dogs is just too many. But at least I can keep the list updated with pics. It will be interesting to see what she looks like in all her stages.
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