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For those with large SUV's, what are you using to load up your bullies. We have a English Bulldog and my wife and kid likes to go to the park with him. Doesn't want to carry him into the SUV. Was looking into buying a ramp from Dr Fosters and Smith, but can't see myself spending $120 for a plastic ramp. Was thinking of making one out of wood. Any ideas.
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I don't have a clue... our dogs put their front legs up on the bumper and we just lift their rear ends up, or they just jump in.... maybe one of those colapsable step ladder things like you would use in the kitchen or something that you can fold up easily and take with you??
My husband's Tahoe is lifted 9" so there was no way that I could get the dogs into the truck without a ramp. We bought one that is aluminum and it folds in half for travel. It tooks us a couple of times to get the dogs to go up and down on it but now they just run right up and into the tuck. I think he paid $80 for it on ebay. I'll ask him when he gets home. Also, try www.dog.com They have good prices on stuff.
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