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random Atty and Taurs - lotsa pics!!!!!

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G'day all!!!
I haven't been on to much lately i was lucky enough to get a little time off work!
good 'ol birthdays!!
Anyways here's a few of the boys.....
(sorry photobucket playing up for me)

couple of atty getting ready and jumping

excuse my b/f he still thinks he's 15.... haha

this one i drew a line were my feet are on the ground cause it's quite dark

taurs pulling the sad face (his scars are terrible it makes me sad, but it just makes me love him even more)

i love this one, he's a silly bugga

getting cuddles from my b/f on saturday night

thanks for looking guys!!
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JEESH! That is a jump!

Your dogs look great! Seems I was ignorant, because for some reason I thought that the bt's were more of a sedentary breed.
I guess I was wrong. :shock:
yeah Atlas didn't get that memo! even though Taurus is 8 he is
still actice but only in short bursts, then he has to have a nap.
If i let him, he would sleep and laze around all day and turn imto a little lump hehe.
Atlas geez you cant keep up with!! hahahaha
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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