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Random Magnum pics...

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I am at work and totally bored - its Friday and I want to be home with Maggles - but no such luck- so I decided to kill some time posting some cute pics of Mags that I have on my computer here at work!!!

Leave me alone I am trying to sleep mom...

Geez I can't even PLAY without you annoying me with that thing...

You better get that camera outta my face...

Well...If you MUST take pictures at least get my good side...

I'm gonna POUNCE on you!!!

Or maybe I'll just snuggle with daddy....

And this is just a cool one Bridg did for me of Mags getting ready to go to Iraq with her daddy...

Sorry for the large post - I am SOOO bored!!
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Mags is so pretty!! I love her pouty faces she makes. :D
What a Hottie!!! I had to keep tobey from trying to mount my monitor! Down boy, Down! I guess it is true that bully breeds are bullheaded!
Great pics Jen!! She is so freakin cute :D
She has such a sweet face, I just wanna kiss her cute nose! I like the soldier Mags pic, lol.
She is turning out to be a very pretty girl...she doesnt look like a pup anymore..shes a little lady :wink: ..
She's such a cutie. I love the pouncing pic, too. :D
I love Mags, She is such a beautiful girl.I love the pounce pic too as well of the one with daddy.
Hope all is well on your end.
I love Mags! The white stripe on her forehead is so pretty, it really brings out her pretty face :D
Erica said:
She is turning out to be a very pretty girl...she doesnt look like a pup anymore..shes a little lady :wink: ..
I have totally noticed that she looks more mature now!!! She is about 2.5 years old - I think she is finally done growing and has settled into her "look" now! LOL :lol:
I like the pounce pic the best also.
I'm fond of the pounce pic, too... don't be so surprised at her good looks. With a mommy as cute as you (sorry Dad) it seems fitting to have such a beautiful bully. Thanks for the pics... keep 'em coming.
I've got to say......... the pounce picture is so cute!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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