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Random Pics of Everyone (pic heavy)

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Mmmmm...bully stick!

Snuggles with my sister...

Who's Out There!?!?!


Sittin' Pretty!

This is my 'supermodel pouty' look...

Not the best shot, just trying to show Maggie's new 'holiday' collar...it's blue with white snowflakes that are edged in pink and purple...she has a matching leash, too....

Thanks for looking at my cuties
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Shameless bump :p :oops:
Thanks everyone! Yep...so far everything is very lovey dovey...let's hope it stays that way! :D
BanterBull said:
Nice! Love the collar and the pic of Maggie laying on her back.

Have you seen the DiVinci Code? We watched it the other night and it includes their speculation of who Mary Magdalene really was. It was pretty interesting.
Haven't seen it, but Jason (my husband) has been wanting to...now I'm really interested! Maggie's collar I got at Walgreen's...it came with a leash too...only $5...definitely not great quality, but it's just for the next month or so. We got Cinder a candy cane striped one! They didn't have one big enough for Rocket, lol!
Leeann.Bella.Remy said:
All of your doggies are lookin' good! I can't get over how much Cinder (and Rainey and Blue) look like little Remys! :)
I KNOW!! Anytime my kids and I are looking at pics of your dogs and they see Remy, they all say "Who's that other dog (Bella and/or Norris) with our Cinder?" :lol:
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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