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Raw chat thread

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Feeding raw? Have questions about feeding raw? Have some good resources and/or links for feeding raw? Chat about them here with others who feed raw!
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So I gave the dogs all RMB's last night. They LOVED them of course..

Well Havoc.. he is more powerful a chewer than Bauer.. and literally devoured the bone.. there was just a small fist sized piece left.. I'm assuming this is Ok for him..

Bauer has only ever chewed it.. and got most of the marrow and a small part of bone.. Havoc does have the poops with a bit of blood.. which I'm not too concerned as of yet.. but wow.. that dog LOVES his RMB's...

Wish I had more time and not as lazy and could get all the dogs on a raw food diet..

I guess I could get all grounded up meat and then give the dogs a RMB every second day right? Might not be that hard if I do it that way.. make sure to give them tripe and organ meat every third day or so?

What do you guys think of that?? I don't want to buy pre-made stuff.. as that can get reallly expensive!
Of course.. always a problem... I don't think I could find anything like that price here.. well I haven't looked hard.. but its so pricey up here to find cheap food to use as raw.

I might have to start looking around.. cause I do want to get my dogs on a partial raw diet.. since Bauer did awesome on it!
1 - 3 of 168 Posts
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