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Raw chat thread

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Feeding raw? Have questions about feeding raw? Have some good resources and/or links for feeding raw? Chat about them here with others who feed raw!
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I agree with o. And I feed both kibble and raw. Never had a problem.
The patties were like triple what I'm paying now, I looked into primal and Stella and chewys
. And for dogs w yeast problems, they suggest not feeding cooked foods. I'm seriously thinking about switching to all raw. I know mike pays less than I am now for kibble, so it may even save me money. As soon as this semester is over, I'm going to sit down and figure out the logistics of it all.
Each meal does not need to contain all 3 components. It's more of a balance over like a weeks time.
My personal response...

1) Our dog hasn't gained weight since Feb, when he was 9 months old. He actually lost a couple then came back. All on kibble. He is done most of his growing now and will just be filling out for the next year or so. You won't see big changes on the scale.

2) Do you mean if you are going all raw? I do not supplement veggies, dogs don't need carbs. You can if you want but it's not going to affect his health, unless they are bad veggies like onion etc... I believe if you scroll a few pages back Orsondogge mentions the meat:bone:eek:rgan ratio. It's not too hard to figure out once you start because his stool will tell you.

3) I supplement raw in my cats diet. Since moving to the US she has had nothing but problems with kibble. Some things she'll eat, some she won't. I think because cats don't chew much it can be more difficult, so anything with bones or chewy organs she'll just lick until its dry. My last cat had no problem eating birds and rodents whole. You wouldn't give your cat a rack of ribs... the only real difference I have learnt is not to give a cat too much fish, maybe once a week. Their small bodies are far more affected by the mercury content than dogs. If your cat will eat raw then go for it...
I have a few questions regarding raw food and would appreciate any advice, talking to local pet shops seems to get you inconsistent answers and even so called dog nutritionists have giving me different opinions.

First off Winston is 9 months and weighs 38.8lbs. I’m currently feeding Urban Carnivore (been on it for about 2 months), we switch from chicken and beef but we’re sticking mostly with beef as we’ve been advised the chicken may be a little fatty for his age and his stools are darker and firmer with beef. I chose the Urban Carnivore as it’s locally made and apparently 100% natural and is always available to us. Making our own raw food isn’t something we can take on right now so we have to use prepared frozen.

1) I feed him 16oz per day based on the lower end of the feeding guidelines however in the last 2 months he has not gained a pound in weight. We keep him fairly active with about 1-2 hours per day of walking/training outdoors. I’m curious if I should be feeding him more? He’s not loosing weight and looks fit and lean but not skinny.
2) Should I be supplementing anything in addition on a regular/daily bases such as full bones or veggies? This is what I get mixed answers on all the time. I understand one problem with prepared food is the ratio of bone to meat is inconsistent but is this something to be overly concerned about? Are veggies needed or are they more optional and if you feed veggies do they have to be pre-digested? I sometimes feed him whole carrots or bananas at least 3 hours after eating protein, good or bad idea?
3) Somewhat unrelated but I also feed my two cats raw food and would like to feed them the same food, just curious if others do this as well. I’ve been told the nutritional requirements are different however there are many raw food products for cats and dogs; Urban Carnivore is one of them so I’m confused on what the difference would be.

Thanks in advance, any answers or general comments would be helpful.
I feed 1/2 cup kibble in the morning (acana) to both my dogs. Around 1pm I give them a bone with a lower meat content. The cuts I give vary- beef neck bone, back rib bone, marrow bone... Anything thats mostly hard bone with some meat. I do this mostly for dental health and to keep them busy. The ripping and tearing of meat or sucking out the marrow from the middle of the bone is good for them. However, their poop was getting quite hard. So i started throwing in some tripe and heart. I don't consider heart an organ so I use it as meat. So I switch off between tripe and heart every other day.Then at night my pups get another 1/2 cup of kibble. And about twice a month they each get a whole trout to eat in place of a kibble meal. It took me forever to figure this out because there is no simple answer. All dogs metabolize differently. I just watched their poop and adjusted accordingly.

And like tina said, no need for fruits or veggies. Especially fruit- it contains lots of sugar and you can cause a yeast problem by doing this. Once and awhile I will throw Murphy a piece of lettuce mainly because its funny to watch him eat it. It wont hurt them, but its not necessary.

Also, you may want to look into an enzyme if you choose to feed all raw. Its not necessary for all dogs, but its something to keep in mind. I have my dogs on probiotics as well because they both seem to have yeast problems.
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If you are buying prepacked raw then its ready to go. If you are giving raw yourself then its about 10% bone and 10% organ to meat.

I'm getting annoyed with the price of meat here. Even the farmers want to sell it for more than the stores!
That sucks. I finally found a source here that is SUPER cheap. I have to drive about an hour away to Madison to pick it up, but its totally worth it. They have Bison knuckle bones for like 2.69 a piece. I'm paying way more than that for crappy beef knuckles here. I know there is a Yahoo group you can join and exchange info on unpublished sources, so you may want to try that. Store meat is way overpriced.
Are people like unable to see my posts or something? It happens like everyday. I say something. Then someone says the EXACT same thing I said and the person is like "oh thanks so much!". Lol. I feel like im invisible.

That sucks. I finally found a source here that is SUPER cheap. I have to drive about an hour away to Madison to pick it up, but its totally worth it. They have Bison knuckle bones for like 2.69 a piece. I'm paying way more than that for crappy beef knuckles here. I know there is a Yahoo group you can join and exchange info on unpublished sources, so you may want to try that. Store meat is way overpriced.
Lol. Just making sure.

The same thing happened on the Dog Park thread awhile ago. I said something. No one cared. People disagreed, blah blah blah. And then Lisa jumped on and said the EXACT SAME THING and people were like "oh, yea great point that makes so much sense now, thanks!". Granted you and Lisa are much more experienced then I, but still. Whatevs :)
How long have you been doing it thus far?
Tina, I joined a dog food forum and many have said that the bone shards disappear after about 3 months. They also said you can take a hammer and crush the bones up first for awhile until the dogs tummy figures out how to digest it properly.
When I first did raw with Murphy, he would chew a little and swallow it. He would have sharp chicken bones in his poop. I have been feeding raw chicken backs for the past 4 days with both the dogs and their poop is fine. So I'm hoping it stays that way and I can switch to 100% raw.
Tina, I put Lucy on TOTW as soon as we got her in February. She had at least a year of eating crap food and her coat showed it. It was dull and VERY dry. When I brushed her, more dandruff would be on the brush than fur. It took till about last month for her old coat to completely grow out and become shiny and for her skin to become normal. So just give it some time.

I wonder if pups go through a "teenage stage" where they have skin problems like humans do with acne.
I finally got all my raw sources lined up. It's the same price as kibble was costing us.

The only downside (or upside?) is the crazy energy the dogs have now. They are non stop running around, wrestling, or chewing. Granted, they do sleep all day while we are at work, but comparing to how they were on kibble, it's a total change. Murphy seems much happier in general. I do notice him itching a lot more, but they spend a lot of time eating their food in the grass and they get tons of mosquito bites so that could be it. Lucys coat is gorgeous. I have the weird urge to rub my cheek all over it because its so soft and shiny.

Anyways, glad your back on raw. I believe it's best for dogs :)
Well i just had my first experience with raw green tripe. Oh. My. Gosh. Smelliest thing ever. It's smelled like a cow took a poop in the middle of my kitchen.

Murphy, however, was drooling. A meal comprised of grass, poop, and beef all rolled into one is heaven on earth for him.
I don't feed pork at all. I'm sure there is a slightly different taste between the two, but who knows.

Kidney is just as disgusting as tripe to me. Bleck!
Mackerel, I know a place that sells them cheap and frozen. I have yet to start Dude on fish tho. Do you guys worry about the bones? Fish bones and fins are quite pointy.
NO worries about fish bones. Murphy ate a fish straight out of our pond once, and never had any issues. I give the dogs whiting once and awhile, and have never had a problem. If your dogs can eat chicken backs fine, they will be A-OK with fish bones.
Hot damn. Just scored ~100lbs of free beef from craigslist that a guy is trying to clean out of his fridge. Holla!!!!!
So yesterday Jon went to go pick up our "100lbs of beef" from this guy. Jon gets home and its about 95 lbs of pork and 5 lbs of extremely old and freezer burned beef. And there was about 70 lbs of pigs heads! I almost cried when i saw them. They had teeth and everything. So needless to say I am not a meat hoarder. Booooo.

And then the guy calls last night and asks if we want any more pig heads because he's taking more pigs in on Tuesday :( So if anyone wants free pig heads, I can get em!

But I did just order 160 lbs of meat for for 144 lbs including 50 lbs of lamb flanks. So I'll be spending my weekend cutting, measuring, and wrapping. Yay.
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